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Private employment agencies
a) Charge for their services
b) Are only in business to help people looking for professional jobs.
c) Are only located in big cities and in suburbs
d) Find jobs for 90 percent of persons seeking work.

Which should NOT be included in the conclusion of the cover letter/letter of application?
a) Request for an interview.
b) Contact information and times
c) Salutation to a specific person or title
d) Statement of appreciation for the employer’s time and consideration.

Psychological tests are given to:
a) Determine how well one will adjust to a job.
b) Measure the level of one’s knowledge or aptitude.
c) Test the applicant’s physical and mental abilities
d) Screen honest or dishonest applicants

If you don’t understand a question an interviewer asks:
a) Pretend you did not hear it.
b) Ask him or her to clarify it
c) Give details that show you think clearly.
d) Explain why you would be right for the company.

A document containing appropriate and important facts about a person who is applying for a job is a:
a) Letter of application
b) resume
c) reference
d) cover letter

A candidate with little work experience will need to focus attention on which section of the resume?
a) Work experience
b) contact information
c) awards/achievements
d) skills

Answering questions about qualifications objectively and openly during an interview can demonstrate a candidate’s:
a) Honesty
b) punctuality
c) sociability
d) problem solving

If the interviewer asks about the ability to work with others, he/she is referring to which SCANS skill?
a) Basic
b) interpersonal
c) critical thinking
d) problem solving

The first step in creating a network is to build a/an:
a) Job lead
b) introductory script
c) referral
d) contact list

Which is NOT an employee benefit?
a) Paid holidays B Retirement plans C Regular paychecks D Sick leave
b) retirement plans
c) regular paychecks
d) sick leave

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