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Why is a career pathway an important component of an individual career plan?
a) Individuals can explore career clusters of interest to them.
b) Skills have to be learned for only one occupation.
c) A career pathway ensures meeting labor market demands.
d) Others can participate in the decision making process.

Why is it important to consider entry-level work experiences as part of the individual career plan?
a) Work experiences help connect classroom knowledge with workplace skills.
b) Work experiences help earn money toward purchasing a computer.
c) Work experiences ensure job satisfaction
d) Work experiences qualify an individual for a management position.

Formal assessments are a critical component of the individual career plan because they:
a) Are required for graduation and postsecondary entrance.
b) Are better than informal assessments
c) Can be taken at any time during your high school career.
d) Are more important than classroom performance.

All are important reasons to consider extracurricular/ CTSO activities as part of the individual career plan EXCEPT:
a) Developing valuable transferable skills
b) Developing interpersonal skills.
c) Participating in volunteer activities
d) Participating in social activities

A tentative goal for post-secondary career/education plans ensures that:
a) Will prepare the student for postsecondary choice.
b) Scholarship money will be available.
c) The student will be successful throughout life.
d) There will be plenty of jobs in the student’s chosen field.

Having a written career plan can help assure that:
a) Students will be unable to change their mind.
b) Parents will be happy with the student’s decisions.
c) Students will have better career direction.
d) Students will never have to use their plan.

In career planning, which course of study prepares students for the LEAST number of post-secondary opportunities?
a) College Tech Prep (CTP)
b) College Prep/College Tech Prep (CPCT)
c) College Prep (CP)
d) Career Prep (CRP)

A student who is pursuing a career goal to work in communications should plan for a number of courses in:
a) Speech and English
b) Art and computer skills
c) Health and P.E.
d) Science and agriculture

Having a written career plan:
a) Prevents individuals from changing their minds.
b) Ensures parental approval
c) Guarantees college acceptance
d) Increases chances of being satisfied with career decisions.

Prior to completing a high school four-year plan, students would do all EXCEPT:
a) Take several self-assessments
b) Decide on a career focus
c) Discuss career interests with parents and teachers.
d) Apply to a college

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