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A herd of deer grazing along a road suddenly run off into the woods. Which is the most likely stimulus for their behavior?
a) food
b) hunger
c) noise
d) over-population

A nutcracker used two rigid arms to crack open nuts between them. What kind of simple machine is used in a nutcracker?
a) wheel and axle
b) screw
c) pulley
d) lever

A fetus is a developing baby in the womb of the female. Where do egg and sperm combine ?
a) vagina
b) fallopian tubes
c) uterus
d) ovary

Crossing horses with exceptional speed, breeders can produce purebred (same allele gene) horses that can run very fast is an example of ________.
a) ecological succession
b) natural selection
c) genetic engineering
d) selective breeding

Light-gray peppered moths are easy to see on a dark background, while black moths can be seen on a light background. Suppose all the buildings and trees in an area were black. Wh
a) black
b) white
c) green
d) gray

Finches (birds) that ate insects had sharp, needlelike beaks. Finches that ate seeds had strong, wide beaks. A characteristic that helps an organism survive in its environment an
a) natural selection
b) selective breeding
c) adaptation
d) all of the above

Which of the following setups would make it easiest to lift a load?
a) The load is closer to the fulcrum than the effort force.
b) The effort force is closer to the fulcrum than the load.
c) Load and effort force are the same distance from the fulcrum
d) Many fulcrums are placed between the load and the force

The Venus flytrap is a plant that can obtain nutrition by digesting insects. When an insect lands on the plant, its leaves snap shut to trap the insect inside. The stimulus the l
a) gravity
b) sunlight
c) touch
d) hunger

During exercise, you sweat heavily, releasing a lot of water from your body.
a) feeling thirsty
b) feeling hungry
c) a rumbling in your stomach
d) a rise in body temperature

Which is an example of a response that is triggered by an internal stimulus
a) Pulling a hand away from a hot stove
b) The pupil of the eye closing in bright light
c) Yawning late at night
d) Feeling hungry upon seeing a television commercial for a restaurant

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