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When is Justin Biebers birthday?
a) May 16, 1993
b) May 26, 1997
c) October 11, 1995
d) March 1, 1994

How old is Justin Bieber?
a) 17
b) 22
c) 19
d) 13

What is Justin Biebers favorite color?
a) Red
b) Pink
c) Purple
d) Orange

Who is Justin Biebers best friend?
a) Selena Gomez
b) Ryan Butler
c) P. Diddy
d) Usher

What time was Justin Bieber born?
a) 12:56 am.
b) 4:09 am.
c) 3:29 am.
d) 1:45 pm.

What is Justin Biebers moms name?
a) Pattie Malette
b) Carly Gray
c) Ashley Bieber
d) Mariah Bieber

What color is Justin Biebers eyes?
a) Blue
b) Purple
c) Brown
d) Green

What is Justin Biebers life-story movie called?
a) Never Say No
b) Never Say Never
c) Diary of Justin Bieber
d) Justin Biebers Life Story

What is Justin Biebers managers name?
a) Scooter Braun
b) Jeremy Coasts
c) L.A. Reid
d) Usher Raymond

Where did Justin Bieber grow up?
a) Atlanta, Georgia.
b) Omaha, Nebraska.
c) Los Angeles, California
d) Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

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