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What is the main purpose of studying the sixteen career clusters?
a) You can explore the wide range of jobs within a career area
b) You can keep a narrow career focus
c) You can separate job descriptions by worksite
d) You will be required to know the information to meet graduation requirements.

A TV announcer is a job in which career cluster?
a) Human services
b) Transportation, distribution and logistics
c) Government and public administration
d) Arts, audiovisual technology and communications

Careers in which career cluster are highly technical and require firm backgrounds in math and science?
a) Writers, Artists, and Entertainers
b) Scientific research/engineering
c) Hospitality and tourism
d) Law and public safety

A book that describes various careers and the future for those careers:
a) Dictionary of Occupational Titles
b) Occupational Outlook Handbook
c) Guide for Occupational Exploration
d) Exploring Career Decisions Curriculum Guide.

Plagiarism is
a) Paraphrasing ideas from a book and citing the source.
b) Speaking and using the ideas or writings of another as one’s own.
c) Citing sources of information in the bibliography.
d) Quoting an author directly as part of a research paper.

A school counselor or Career Development Coordinator (CDC) can assist students in their career planning by:
a) Helping them explore their career interests.
b) Getting them jobs.
c) Telling them which career and colleges to choose.
d) Insisting upon a 4 year colleg

A book that describes thousands of jobs in regards to duties and work characteristics is the
a) Dictionary of Occupational Titles/O*Net.
b) What Color is Your Parachute?.
c) Guide for Occupational Exploration.
d) Exploring Career Decisions Curriculum Guide.

The book that lists twelve main interest areas and careers that suit people with those interests is:
a) Reader’s Guide to Periodic Literature.
b) Guide to Occupational Education
c) Occupational Outlook Quarterly.
d) Dictionary of Occupational Titles.

Which North Carolina resource will help you match your interests with possible occupations?
a) America’s Job Bank
b) NC Careers
c) North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
d) State Employees Credit Union

One way to research careers informally is to:
a) Search the computer resources
b) Talk to friends and family about their job
c) Consult the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.
d) Start your own business

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