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The use of terrace farming by the Inca and Japanese cultures is an example of
a) economic improvement through trade
b) social change through assimilation
c) adaptation to the surrounding geography
d) destruction of the environment

The Aztec, Inca, and Maya civilizations all achieved great progress in developing
a) a written language and great literature
b) strong naval forces
c) the arts and architecture
d) a monotheistic religion

Which development led to the shortages of labor in 14th century Europe and in 16th and 17th century North and South America
a) rise of nation-states
b) outbreak of the Black Death and smallpox
c) fall of Constantinople
d) introduction of new military technologies

The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights are similar in that they both
a) reinforced the theory of divine right
b) decreased the rights of citizens
c) limited the power of the monarchy
d) encouraged colonialism

Under the policy of mercantilism, colonial powers considered their colonies to be
a) independent nations that traded throughout the world
b) independent nations that had special relationships with European powers
c) possessions to benefit the imperial power
d) possessions being prepared for independence

One similarity between the social patterns in medieval Europe and those in colonail Latin America is that both societies
a) separated religion and politics
b) separated people into distinct classes
c) gave women the power to assume leadership positions
d) followed the rule of the majority

In western Europe, a long-term effect of the invention of Gutenberg's printing press was that the
a) monarchies were restored to absolute power
b) feudal system declined
c) literacy rate increased
d) devolopement of new ideas was discouraged

Which statement about the Columbian exchange is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) The Columbian exchange had a positive effect on the Americas
b) The Columbian exchange benefited Europe more than it benefited the Americas
c) The Columbian exchange brought new foods and products to Europe and the Americas
d) The Columbian exchange created a modern Europe

Zheng He contributed to the prosperity of China under the Ming dynasty by
a) defeating the Manchu invaders
b) construction the Great Wall along the northern frontier
c) expanding trade with nations of Asia and Africa
d) establishing colonies in Korea and Japan

The lasting result of colonial rule in many Latin American nations has been the
a) elimination of national debts
b) control of power by wealthy landowners
c) decrease in the power of the Catholic Church
d) creation of industrial economies

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