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Odysseus manages to stay away from Polyphemus' brothers by stating what name?
a) Nodbdy
b) Anibody
c) Sumone
d) Anywon

How does Polyphemus almost sink Odyddeus' ship?
a) when he asks Zeus for a thunderstorm
b) kicks a hole in the hull
c) throws a boulder in the water
d) when he capsizes it from underneath

Why is the whirlpool really dangerous?
a) it is angry at Odysseus
b) it can wreck the whole ship
c) it is filled with poison
d) Odysseus wants to destroy it

The men Odysseus sends to meet the Lotus Eaters all eat lotus flowers. They what happens?
a) fall ill and die
b) are tortured by the Lotus Eaters
c) forget their homeland
d) are thrown unto a volcano

Why does Odysseus blind the Cyclops Polyphemus rather than kill him?
a) Odysseus takes pity on the Cyclops
b) Tiresias and Circe have advised him to do so
c) Odysseus did not want to anger Poseidon
d) Only Polyphemus can move the boulder blocking the cave's entrance

How does Odysseus save his crew from the Sirens' songs?
a) sailing around Charbydis
b) tying them to their oars
c) singing louder than the Sirens
d) Plugging their ears with beeswax

What difficult ttask does Penelope propose for the suitors?
a) They have to pull Odysseus' sword from stone
b) They have to string Odysseus' bow
c) They have to build her a new palace
d) They have to kill the Cyclops Polyphemus

Hwo does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope?
a) He shows her how he built the bed
b) He summons Argos with a secret name
c) He tells her how the two of them met
d) He shows her the secret passage under their bed

Adversities are what?
a) hardships
b) adventures
c) arguments
d) contests

What does ardor mean?
a) passion
b) kindness
c) strength
d) energy

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