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What is the formula for diphosphorous pentoxide?
a) P5O2
b) P3O5
c) P2O4
d) P2O5

How many bonds in N2?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Calcium Oxide is a(n) _____ compound and the formula is _____.
a) covalent, CaO2
b) covalent, Ca2O
c) ionic, CaO2
d) ionic, CaO

Elements from opposite sides of the periodic table form _____.
a) metalic compounds
b) covalent compounds
c) diatomic compounds
d) ionic compounds

Based on the octet rule, phosphorus most likely forms a _____ ion.
a) P3+
b) P5-
c) P3-
d) P+

Atoms take part in bond formation to _____.
a) increase their energy
b) increase their density
c) nertralize their charge
d) attain a stable electronic configuration

What is the name of the compound formed by zinc ions and fluoride ions?
a) zinc difluoride
b) zinc fluorate
c) zinc fluoride
d) zinc(II) fluorite

Compounds that have the same number of positive and negative charges are _____.
a) cationic
b) anionic
c) electrically neutral
d) isoelectronic

The correct Lewis structure for a Group 18 atom has _____.
a) one pair of valence electrons and one single valence electron
b) two pairs of valence electrons and one single valence electron
c) three pairs of valence electrons and one single valence electron
d) four pairs of valence electrons

What is the formula for the compound formed by tin(IV) and the chromate ion?
a) Sn(CrO4)4
b) Sn2(CrO4)2
c) Sn2(CrO4)4
d) Sn(CrO4)2

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