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A good source for scholarship information is:
a) Banks
b) Counseling offices
c) Employment Security Commission.
d) Department of Labor.

Which type of financial aid must be paid back?
a) loan
b) scholarship
c) grant
d) stipend

Every postsecondary educational institution requires:
a) A portfolio
b) An essay
c) Letters of recommendation
d) An application for admission

An effective individual career planning program for high school includes:
a) Identifying financial aid
b) Choosing appropriate courses
c) Choosing a retirement program
d) Choosing fringe benefits

In North Carolina, a primary source for financial aid information is:
a) Occupational Outlook Handbook
b) College Foundation of North Carolina
c) State Employees Credit Union
d) State Department of Public Instruction

Which high school subjects and occupations are most closely related?
a) Biology and fashion designer
b) Foreign language and travel agent
c) Physical education and carpenter
d) Physics and politician

A student who wishes to enroll in a dual enrollment course will be required to take which test?
d) SAT 2400

A four-year career plan developed for use in high school should reflect:
a) Courses to support the student’s chosen career goal.
b) One year of a foreign language
c) Courses from as many pathways as possible
d) Few, if any, challenging courses

When considering a student for admission, most colleges look at all of the following EXCEPT:
a) The courses that a student has taken
b) The grades that a student has earned
c) How many of the faculty a student knows
d) The school and community activities that the student has been involved in.

For a student entering the medical field, which career-technical course would be most helpful in high school?
a) Welding
b) Allied Health Sciences
c) Culinary arts
d) Construction technology

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