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Which statement best describes the relationship between cells, DNA, and proteins?
a) Cells contain DNA that controls the production of proteins.
b) DNA is composed of proteins that carry coded information for how cells funtion.
c) Proteins are used to produce cells that link amimo acids toghether into DNA.
d) Cells are linked together by proteins to make different kinds of DNA molecules.

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra chromosome in the body cells of humans. This extra chromosome occurs in a gamete as a result of
a) an error in the process of cloning
b) an error in meiotic cell division
c) a gene mutation
d) replication of a single chromosome during mitosis

Genes involved in the production of abnormal red blood cells have an abnormal sequence of
a) ATP molecules
b) amino acids
c) sugars
d) bases

The reason that organisms can NOT produce populations of unlimited size is that
a) the resources of Earth are finite
b) there is no carrying capacity on Earth
c) species rarely compete with one another
d) interactions between organisms are unchanging

Which statement describing a cause of extinction includes the other three?
a) Members of the extinct species were unable to compete for food.
b) Members of the extinct species were unable to conceal their presence by camouflage
c) Members of the extinct species lacked adaptations essential for survival.
d) Members of the extinct species were too slow to escape from predators.

In the transfer of energy from the Sun to the ecosystems, which molecule is one of the first to store this energy?
a) protein
b) fat
c) DNA
d) glucose

Which statement best describes how a vaccination can help protect the body against disease?
a) Vaccines directly kill the pathogen that causes the disease.
b) Vaccines act as a medicine that cures the disease.
c) Vaccines cause the production of specific molecules that will react w/ and destroy certain microbes.
d) Vaccines contain white blood cells that engulf harmful germs & prevent from spreading through body.

Organisms that are able to manufacture organic nutrients from substances in the abiotic environment are classified as
a) heterotrophs
b) fungi
c) predators
d) autotrophs

Which factor would have the greatest effect on the flow of energy into an ecosystem?
a) a large decrease in the amount of sunlight available
b) a large increase in the number of carnivores
c) a small increase in the number of decomposers
d) a small decrease in the amount of minerals available

Which structures carry out life functions within cells?
a) tissues
b) organ systems
c) organelles
d) organs

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