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When an individual has a conflict with another employee, what is the best action to take?
a) Communicate the issue publicly
b) Communicate the issue privately
c) Communicate while angry
d) Communicate in writing

Most workers lose a job because of:
a) Weak academic abilities
b) Weak occupational skills
c) Poor interpersonal skills
d) They couldn't pass career management class

Which is the most effective written message?
a) Meeting tomorrow-9:00
b) There will be a sales team meeting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.
c) There will be a meeting
d) There’s a meeting of the sales dept tomorrow

Which is a characteristic of an effective team leader?
a) Controlling actions of others
b) Dominating meeting time
c) Showing favoritism
d) Listening to everyone’s opinion

Which is the best course of action to take when there is more work than can be completed in a given time period?
a) Work extra hours to get everything done
b) Resign.
c) Don’t do the extra work.
d) Talk to the boss about the situation.

According to the scenario, how should Sarah most effectively express her feelings to Billy?
a) “You’re lazy and I’m tired of doing your work.”
b) “You make me so mad!”
c) “I feel frustrated when you leave the containers for me to fill.”
d) “I think that you need to do a better job filling the containers.”

Which statement about teamwork is TRUE?
a) Individuals work more efficiently than teams.
b) Teams usually take more time to reach a decision than individuals.
c) Individuals reach more creative decisions than teams.
d) Teams always function better than individuals.

Why is the Sandwich Technique effective for providing feedback?
a) It provides a positive affirmation along with the criticism.
b) It sandwiches the criticism together with a complaint.
c) It always keeps the individual from getting upset.
d) It keeps the individual from understanding what he needs to improve.

Which statement describes the best way to tell someone that their performance is inadequate?
a) “You don’t have any of the skills necessary to do this job and don’t have the ability to learn them.
b) “Your strengths are in customer service, but you need to improve equipment operation skills.”
c) “You never do anything right.”
d) “You dress professionally, but don’t act professionally.”

When feedback is received, one should:
a) Throw it away.
b) Give it to the teacher
c) Look only at the good things suggested by peers.
d) Consider suggestions for improvement and positive comments.

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