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Which of the following is an echinoderm?
a) Sea star (starfish)
b) Coral
c) Worm
d) Sea anemone

Which of the following describes the body structure of an echinoderm?
a) Body with bilateral symetry
b) Central cavity with one opening
c) Spiny skinned with radial symetry
d) Body has many pores

Which of the following is NOT an echinoderm?
a) Jellyfish
b) Brittle Star
c) Sea Urchin
d) Sand dollar

How does a starfish eat?
a) Turns stomach inside out to digest meal
b) Uses tentacles
c) Uses teeth
d) Uses its arms

What body structure do sea urchins and sand dollars have in common?
a) Both have many arms
b) Both have calcium carbonate plates and are covered with spines
c) Both have bilateral symetry
d) Both have polyp body forms

What do sea cucumbers do when threatened by a predator?
a) They expel their organs
b) They swim away
c) They burrow in the sand
d) They shoot spikes

Sea stars can repair themselves by regrowing body parts. What is this called?
a) reproduction
b) regeneration
c) respiration
d) regurgitation

Describe an echinoderm's water vascular system.
a) Network of tentacles
b) Water sacs
c) Network of water-filled canals
d) Many vacuoles in a row

Which of the following is an echinoderm?
a) Sea Urchin
b) Hydra
c) Clam
d) Octopus

Which of the following is an echinoderm?
a) Sand dollar
b) Spider
c) Tick
d) Mite

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