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A passenger in the rear seat of a car moving at a steady speed is at rest relative to
a) the side of the road
b) the front seat of the car
c) the wheels of a car
d) a pedestrian on the corner ahead

Which distance can be most accurately measured with a ruler?
a) the length of a river
b) the width of a book
c) the distance between two cities
d) the size of an object under a microscope

A kilometer equals 1000 meters. What does the prefix kilo- mean
a) 1
b) 10
c) 100
d) 1000

A person walks 1 mile every day for exercise, leaving her front porch at 9 AM and returning to her front porch at 9:25AM. What is the total displacement of her daily walk?
a) 1 mile
b) 0
c) 25 minutes
d) none of the above

Speed in the ratio of the distance an object moves to
a) the amount of time needed to travel the distance
b) the direction the object moves
c) the displacement of the object
d) the motion of the object

Vector addition is used when motion involves
a) more than one direction
b) more than one velocity
c) more than one speed
d) all of the above

The rate at which velocity changes is called
a) speed
b) vectors
c) acceleration
d) motion

An object that is accelerating may be
a) slowing down
b) gaining speed
c) changing direction
d) all of the above

Which example identifies a change in motion that produces acceleration?
a) a speed skater moving at a constant speed on a straight track
b) a ball moving at a constant speed around a circular track
c) a particle moving in a vacuum at constant velocity
d) a vehicle moving down the street at a steady speed.

Which example describes constant acceleration due ONLY to a change in direction
a) increasing speed while traveling around a curve
b) an object at rest
c) traveling around a circular track
d) an object in free fall

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