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What do you call the small openings covering a sponges body?
a) pores
b) holes
c) spores
d) spikes

Which of the following organisms is a member of the phylum Porifera?
a) Sea anemones
b) Sponges
c) starfish
d) clams

How do sponges get their food?
a) They grab it with tentacles
b) They use teeth
c) They absorb it through their skin
d) They filter feed food from the water as it is pulled through the pores

What do you call the sharp pointed structures found on some sponges?
a) spikes
b) spicules
c) pores
d) spores

Most sponges are hermaphrodites. What does this mean?
a) Each sponge produces both eggs and sperm
b) Sponges don't reproduce
c) Sponges have two heads
d) Sponges only produce eggs.

What is the simplest group of invertebrates?
a) Porifera (sponges)
b) Worms
c) Arthropods
d) Mollusks

How are the larvae of sponges different from adult sponges?
a) Larvae are bigger than adults
b) Larvae do not move
c) Larvae have cilia that allow them to swim in the water.
d) Larvae have spicules

Where do most adult sponges spend their lives?
a) Attached to one spot on the ocean floor.
b) Swimming
c) Floating near the surface.
d) Under the soil

What do you call an organism that produces both sperm and eggs?
a) A filter feeder
b) A spongin
c) A pore
d) A hermaphrodite

Describe a sponges body.
a) Round with many tentacles
b) A hollow tube closed at the bottom, but with an opening at the top.
c) A solid tube
d) Round with many legs

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