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The Phoenicians are often referred to as the "carriers of civilization" because they
a) introduced Islam and Christianity to Central Africa
b) established colonies throughout northern Europe
c) developed the first carts with wheels
d) traded goods and spread ideas throughout the Mediterranean region

The exchange of silks and spices and the spread of Buddhism along the Silk Roads are examples of
a) cultural diffusion
b) self sufficiency
c) ethnocentrism
d) desertification

Which accomplishments are associated with the Gupta Empire?
a) adoption of democracy and construction of the Pantheon
b) defeat of the Roman Empire and the adoption of Christianity
c) establishment of Pax Mongolia and founding of a Chinese dynasty
d) use of Sanskrit language and the development of the concept of zero

Kievan Russia adopted the Eastern Orthodox religion, the Cyrillic alphabet, and different styles of art and architecture through contact with
a) traders from South Asia
b) conquering invaders from Mongolia
c) crusaders from western Europe
d) missionaries from the Byzantine Empire

Which statement about the Golden Age of Islam is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Islamic art was more abstract than Greek art.
b) Muslims were the best early mathematicians.
c) Islamic society preserved Greek and Roman culture
d) Muslim artists had more talent than European artists

Which economic activity was the basis for most of the wealth and power of the West African empires of Ghana and Mali?
a) hunting and gathering
b) farming and cattle ranching
c) trading in salt and gold
d) working in bronze and brass

Which two cultures most influenced the development of early Japan?
a) Greek and Roman
b) Chinese and Korean
c) Egyptian and Mesopotamian
d) Indian and Persian

One way in which the Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the Glorious Revolution are similar is that each
a) strengthened the power of the pope
b) led to the exploration of Africa
c) limited the power of the English monarchy
d) settled religious conflicts

What was an important result of the Neolithic Revolution?
a) Food supplies became more reliable
b) New sources of energy became available
c) People became more nomadic
d) Populations declined

Before the use of the Silk Road, how did geography affect early China?
a) The mountains and deserts in western and southwestern China slowed the exchange of ideas.
b) The northwestern region provided many fertile areas suitable for farming.
c) The three major river systems provided barriers against invasion
d) The lack of deep-water ports on the eastern coast prevented China from development trade

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