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What chemical reaction makes biodiesel?
a) transesterification
b) polymerization
c) sublimation
d) fermentation

What is a byproduct of producing biodiesel?
a) polymer
b) salt
c) glycerin
d) methanol

What cannot be used to as a biodiesel feedstock?
a) Grease
b) Algae
c) Soybeans
d) Wool

Up to what biodiesel blend is safety used in diesel engines without modifications?
a) B100
b) B20
c) B80
d) B60

What typical catalyst is used to make biodiesel?
a) Base catalyst
b) Acid catalyst
c) Platinum
d) Ultraviolet light

Pure biodiesel does not emit what pollutant?
a) Particulate matter
b) Sulfur Dioxides
c) Nitrogen Dioxides
d) Carbon Monoxide

Biodiesel does what at cold temperatures?
a) separates
b) freezes
c) melts
d) gels

Washing biodiesel removes what?
a) dirt
b) acid
c) soap
d) sulfur

What does the XX stand for in the biodiesel blend designation?
a) percentage of biodiesel
b) energy rating
c) carbon footprint
d) quality

Biodiesel is also called what?
a) alcohol
b) methyl ester
c) vegetable oil
d) glycerin

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