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Which quotation from the teachings of Confucius is most similar to the Golden Rule from Judeo-Christian teaching?
a) If a ruler is upright, all will go well without orders
b) By nature, men are pretty much alike. It is learning and practice that set them apart
c) While a father or mother is alive, a son should not travel far
d) Do not do to others what you do not wish for yourself

The West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai experienced economic prosperity because they all
a) controlled vast reserves of oil and gold
b) traded with many other nations
c) maintained highly structured feudal systems
d) solved tribal conflicts within their empires

Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo were similar in that both
a) ruled over vast empires that included diverse peoples
b) produced written records of their extensive travels
c) converted thousands of people to Christianity
d) fought to free their people from Mongol rule

Which geographic characteristic is shared by both Greece and Japan?
a) navigable rivers
b) irregular coastline
c) tropical rain forests
d) abundant mineral resources

Which geographic feature had the greatest influence on the development of ancient civilizations?
a) dense forests
b) mountain passes
c) smooth coastlines
d) river valleys

What is one characteristic of a society that practices subsistence agriculture?
a) growth of surplus crops for export
b) production of crops mainly for its own use
c) establishment of large state-owned farms
d) dependence on the use of slave labor for the production of crops

What was one cause of the development of many small independent city-states in ancient Greece?
a) Greece and Rome were often at war.
b) The mountainous terrain of Greece resulted in widely scattered settlements
c) Military leaders found small Greek settlements easy to control
d) The Greek people had many different languages and religions

In India, Bangladesh, and much of Southeast Asia, agricultural productivity is most affected by the
a) seasonal monsoons
b) unnavigable rivers
c) numerous deserts
d) cold climate

Which belief is shared by Hindus and Buddhists?
a) Everyone should have the same social status
b) People should pray five times a day
c) The soul can be reincarnated
d) Material wealth is a sign of the blessing of the gods.

Some historians suggest that as a result of the Mongol invasions of Russia, the Russian people were
a) united with the Ottomans
b) converted to Christianity
c) freed from serfdom
d) cut off from most of western Europe

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