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Most traditional society are
a) closely linked to the natural environment
b) located near large urban areas
c) organized around complex economic systems
d) dependent on manufacturing

The Code of Hammurabi and the Twelve Tables were designed to
a) create a stable society
b) promote peaceful relations with other cultures
c) provide a framework for the development of democracy
d) emphasize the importance of life after death

The terms Brahma, dharma, and moksha are most closely associated with which religion
a) Judaism
b) Islam
c) Hinduism
d) animism

Constantinople became the center of the Byzantine Empire because
a) the pope had made it the capital of the Christian world
b) it was a religious center for Muslims
c) its location made it the crossroads of Europe and Asia
d) it was geographically isolated from surrounding empires

One way in which the code of chivalry in Europe and the code of Bushido in Japan were similar is that both codes were intended to
a) help the ruler control his people
b) guide the behavior of a warrior class
c) benefit all the social classes
d) support revolutionary ideas

Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony are examples of
a) artifacts of Mansa Musa's Timbuktu
b) the accomplishments of the Protestant Reformation
c) early Japanese culture
d) the achievements of Renaissance Florence

The spread of Islam into the kingdoms of Ghana and Mali resulted from
a) imperialism
b) ethnocentrism
c) cultural diffusion
d) self-determination

Which feature would most often be shown on a political map
a) topography
b) type of climate
c) capital cities
d) elevation

The geographic isolation of a society most often leads to the
a) development of trade
b) strengthening of traditional culture
c) promotion of cultural diffusion
d) growth of international alliances

In a traditional economic system, which type of goods are most often produced?
a) agricultural products
b) heavy industrial machinery
c) military supplies
d) electronics and computers

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