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According to medical experts, a major cause of stress is:
a) change
b) money
c) headaches
d) anger

When a person has a job that is enjoyable, mental health is generally:
a) Unaffected.
b) Good
c) Negative
d) Exceptional

The Family Medical Leave Act was designed to cover:
a) females only
b) males only
c) children only
d) both males and females

During leisure time, a person might be involved in which activity:
a) Business travel
b) Conference call.
c) Favorite hobby
d) On-the-job training

The way a person lives his or her life is known as a:
a) career
b) hobby
c) lifestyle
d) value

Getting inadequate rest is related to:
a) Improved productivity
b) Feeling good
c) Increased accidents on the job.
d) Lower number of workdays missed.

Which contributes to unsafe working conditions?
a) patients
b) consideration
c) Laziness
d) Punctuality

Workplace safety is primarily the responsibility of the:
a) employers
b) government
c) Individual employees.
d) Safety committee.

According to Erikson, attitudes toward work and personal responsibility are first formed as a/an:
a) infant
b) preschooler
c) adolescent
d) adult

The main reason why most young people seek a first job is:
a) Health benefits.
b) Insurance benefits
c) So they can take Coach Gettys' class
d) To earn money

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