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In which field of study do people learn about the development of early human beings?
a) economics
b) cartography
c) political science
d) anthropology

Which document is an example of a primary source?
a) a novel on the Age Discovery
b) a diary of a Holocaust survivor
c) a textbook on Latin American history
d) an encyclopedia article on Songhai culture

China under the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar in that both grew wealthy because they
a) developed extensive trade networks
b) created classless societies
c) encouraged democratic ideals
d) established free-market economies

Hunting and gathering, subsistence agriculture, and the barter system are characteristics of a
a) market economy
b) command economy
c) traditional economy
d) mixed economy

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity share a belief in
a) papal supremacy
b) teachings of the Koran (Quran)
c) reincarnation and the Four Noble Truths
d) an ethical code of conduct and monotheism

Feudalism influenced Europe and Japan by
a) providing social stability
b) fostering the growth of religion
c) eliminating warfare
d) encouraging formal education

Hammurabi's code of laws and Qin dynasty legalism are similar in that both promoted the idea that
a) worship of leaders will maintain the power of an empire
b) an informed citizenry will help maintain peace and prosperity
c) equality of the people is the most important goal of government
d) harsh punishments for crimes will lead to a more orderly society

An important factory that prevented the ancient Greek city-states from uniting to form a single nation was the
a) lack of common language
b) size of the desert regions
c) mountainous topography of the region
d) cold, hostile climate

Studying oral histories, archaeological evidence, and cultural histories are methods most often used by
a) economists
b) anthropologists
c) philosophers
d) political scientists

When studying ancient civilizations, a geographer would be most interested in looking at
a) language as a form of expression
b) family structure
c) climatic influences on food production
d) standards for leadership

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