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In which region did China's earliest civilizations develop?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Himalaya Mountains
c) Yellow River Valley
d) Tibetan Plateau

How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece?
a) Rich farmland led to dependence on agriculture
b) Excellent harbors encouraged seafaring trade.
c) Flat plains made centralized rule possible.
d) Tropical climate discouraged urban development.

In China, Confucianism emphasized the idea that
a) equality should exist between all members of society
b) salvation could be attained by prayer, meditation, and good deeds
c) individual goals should be placed ahead of the needs of the group
d) harmony could be achieved by the proper behavior of each member of a family or a society.

The Eastern Orthodox Church and Cyrillic alphabet originated in the Byzantine Empire. What does this indicate?
a) Russia was conquered by the Byzantine Empire.
b) Russia's leaders eliminated the influence of the Mongols
c) Russia was influenced by cultural diffusion
d) Russia's geographic isolation led to cultural diversity

One way in which the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire were similar is that both
a) governed large areas around the Mediterranean Sea
b) created democratic societies in which people elected their government officials
c) developed a social system in which great equality existed
d) promoted unity and communication by building a strong system of roads

Which statement explains a cause rather than an effect of the Bantu migration between 500 B.C. and A.D. 1500?
a) Techniques for herding and cultivating were spread to other peoples.
b) More than sixty million people now speak a Bantu language
c) Trading cities developed along the coast of east Africa
d) Population increases put pressure on agriculture

The history of which classical civilization was shaped by the monsoon cycle, the Himalaya Mountains, and the Indus River?
a) Maurya Empire
b) Babylonian Empire
c) ancient Greece
d) ancient Egypt

The five relationships taught by Confucius encouraged people to
a) improve their position in life
b) maintain social and political order
c) respect and worship nature
d) serve the needs of religious leaders

The Tang dynasty of China, the Gupta Empire of India and the Mali Empire of Africa were similar in that each experienced a period of
a) prosperity and artistic creativity
b) feudalism and oppression
c) war and constant invasion
d) mercantilism and industrial expansion

One similarity between Japanese Shinoism and African animism is the belief that
a) everything in nature has a spirit and should be respected
b) only one God exists in the universe
c) people's moral conduct determines their afterlife
d) religious statues should be erected to honor the gods

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