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Which factor led to the prosperity and success of the world's early civilizations?
a) formation of democratic governments
b) development of monotheism
c) acceptance of gender equality
d) location in river valleys

Archaeological studies of the Indus Valley cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro show evidence of
a) dynastic rule
b) monotheism
c) social equality
d) urban planning

The importance of the Code of Hammurabi, the Twelve Tables, and the Justinian Code is that they
a) established legal principles
b) instituted democratic governments
c) provided relgious freedom
d) promoted equality for all classes

The Byzantine Empire made its most important contributions to late civilizations by
a) recognizing the Pope as head of the Byzantine Church
b) preserving much of the Greco-Roman heritage
c) establishing trade routes to the Americas
d) encouraging the spread of Buddhism

Which situation is considered a cause of the other three?
a) development of a European middle class
b) increase in European demand for Eastern goods
c) European renewal of interest in learning
d) European involvement in the Crusades

One reason early civilizations developed in China, Egypt, and Mesopotamia is because
a) vast mineral deposits existed for manufacturing
b) climate and geography favored agriculture
c) rivers contributed to nomadic lifestyles
d) natural barriers provided protection from invasions

The ideals developed in Athens of Pericles and Republican Rome influenced the development of
a) a parliament in Britain
b) military juntas in Latin America
c) a communist government in China
d) a theocracy in Iran

Between A.D. 800 and 1600, the West African city of Timbuktu became prosperous with the trading of
a) spices and silk
b) iron ore and coal
c) gold and salt
d) rifles and diamonds

The term subsistence farmers refers to people who grow
a) enough food to feed an entire village
b) food to sell in village markets
c) just enough food to meet the needs of the immediate family
d) a single cash crop

The Neolithic Revolution was characterized by the
a) change from nomadic herding to settled farming
b) growth of iron toolmaking technology
c) migration of early peoples to the Americas
d) decline of large empires

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