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What happened in 1930s?
a) A econimic depresion.
b) Germany\\\\\\\'s curency dropped until it became worthless.
c) The Cold War begin.
d) Ohio became part of the 50 states.

In world War ll counrties were in teams one group was Axis Power?
a) United States, Great Britain, and the Sovit Union
b) Ohio,Califona, and Texas
c) Fance, Spain and Russia
d) Germany, Italy, and Japan

What is the Cold War
a) A party
b) World War ll
c) A confict between United States and the sovit union
d) The Great depression.

Who made the New Deal
a) Franklin D. Rovsevelt
b) Hittler
c) Abraham Lincon
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

In World War ll a law was made about neutral country, what was that law?
a) No one can help them
b) No law
c) every body helps them
d) Everybody defeats them

After World War l even winning nations were unhappy, why was that
a) They felt they didn't get enough money
b) They felt they didn't get enough land
c) too many people died
d) nothing.......

Who were the Allies in World War ll?
a) United States, Great Britain, and the Sovit Union
b) Ohio,Califona, and Texas
c) No one
d) Germany, Italy, and Japan

What happen during the 1950s?
a) Americans earned higer wages
b) nothing
c) Cold War begins
d) Sown started falling

What led to the Cold War
a) Nothing
b) Differnces between United states and Sovit Union
c) Differnces between United Sates and France
d) It started it's self

What is a fact about the cold war
a) It started after World War ll
b) It started before World War ll
c) No real fact
d) The new deal happened when cold war happened

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