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The Romans admired and adapted the ways of this group of people?
a) Russians
b) Nemoians
c) French
d) Greek

Which of these diseases was one of the many reasons why Rome collapsed?
a) Swine Flu
b) Plague
c) Small Pox
d) Aids

In what year did the Byzantine Empire reach a high point in society?
a) 500 A.D
b) 2011A.D
c) 191B.C
d) It never happened

What made the Byzantine Empire rich?
a) Slaves
b) Trade
c) Water
d) Happiness

When Rome began to collapse what increased between the citizens?
a) Happiness and Joy
b) Friendship an Peace
c) Violence and Tension
d) Nothing......

What divides the Empire?
a) Diocletion
b) Money
c) Ideas
d) They just felt like it.

Which of the following group of people mad e their staues look perfect?
a) aaa
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) aa
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

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