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Where is Rome located?
a) Spain
b) Rome
c) France
d) Italy

What type of people are rich and wealthy in Rome?
a) Plebians
b) Americans
c) Mohad
d) Patrician

Italy is a __________?
a) Penninsula
b) City
c) Continent
d) Island

The Romans were a _____________?
a) republic
b) consul
c) Dictator
d) Democracy

How many consouls are elected each year?
a) 21
b) 2
c) 9
d) 4

Who was the first dictator for life in rome?
a) Mohad
b) Cincinnatus
c) Gorge W. Bush
d) Julius Ceasar

Who were the people who worked for a living?
a) Patricians
b) Rappers
c) Plebians
d) Homeless People

What was the time of peace called in Rome?
a) Pax Romona
b) Peace
c) Pax Peace
d) Pax Mohad

When did Julius Ceasar declare himself dictator for life?
a) 44 A.D
b) 44 B.C
c) 56 B.C
d) 432 A.D

what did Cincinnatus become
a) painter
b) king
c) dictator
d) sculpter

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