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What time period did the Great Depression begin?
a) 1940's
b) 1950's
c) 1930's
d) 1920's

Which year was the worst year of the Great Depression?
a) 1930
b) 1934
c) 1932
d) 1931

One reason Hitler was popular in Germany was because he criticized the...
a) Treaty of Italy.
b) Treaty of Venicillia.
c) Treaty of World War 2.
d) Treaty of Versailles.

What was a major reason for the Great Depression?
a) Loss of family members.
b) The crash of the U.S. stock.
c) Really bad storms.
d) Loss of food.

Hitler was a close ally with which Italian leader?
a) Benito Missiloni
b) Mavirez Rotollo
c) Antonio Piccollini
d) Mario Lopez

In March 1939 German forces took over western.....
a) Austria
b) Czechoslavia
c) Bulgaria
d) France

The Treaty of Versailles kept Germany\'s Military forces....
a) Big
b) Cunning
c) Spread
d) Small

Americans thought economic growth was the key to world....
a) Victory
b) Peace
c) Thriving
d) Overcoming the war

Hitler was a _______.
a) Nazi
b) Italian
c) Asian
d) German troop

Part of the war was fought in Europe and the other part was fought in ________.
a) The Pacific
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) The Atlantic

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