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Which geographic factor was most important to the development of the early river valley civilizations?
a) fertile soils
b) high mountains
c) vast deserts
d) smooth coastlines

Which values are most closely associated with the are most closely associated with the fundamental principles of Buddhism?
a) competition and financial success
b) maintaining the caste system and providing education for all people
c) practicing nonviolence and giving up worldly desires
d) self determination and democracty

A major goal of the Christian Church during the Crusades (1096-1291) was to
a) establish Christianity in western Europe
b) capture the Holy Land from Islamic rulers
c) unite warring Arab peoples
d) strengthen English dominance in the Arab world

An important contribution of the Byzantine Empire to Russia is the establishment in Russia of
a) Orthodox Christianity
b) representative democracy
c) a free-market system
d) a jury system

The code of Hammurabi is an example of
a) written rules for legal procedures
b) the power of strong kings to control trade
c) regulations on the way to conduct wars against neighboring nations
d) the power of a legislature to veto laws passed by absolute monarchs

Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India through Southeast Asia?
a) ethnocentrism
b) isolation
c) imperialism
d) cultural diffusion

The contributions of the Golden Age of Islamic civilization include
a) advances in mathematics
b) irrigation systems
c) polytheistic beliefs
d) gunpowder and guns

A similarity between the ancient western African kingdoms of Mali, Ghana, and Songhai is that these kingdoms
a) limited the power of their rulers
b) practiced Christianity
c) established economies based on trade
d) isolated themselves from contact with other cultures

Which example is a primary source of information for historians?
a) textbook
b) encyclopedia
c) almanac
d) autobiography

Why did ancient civilizations develop in valleys of rivers such as the Nile, Indus, Tigris and Euphrates?
a) The river valleys provided a source of fresh water and good farmland
b) The rivers aided in the exploration of new territories
c) The rivers provided power for industries
d) The river valleys provided areas for recreation

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