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Bird winds and bat wings would be considered ___ structures.
a) analogous
b) homologous
c) vestigial
d) none of these

If a woman has 4 daughters, 2 stepdaughters, and 5 nieces, what is her reproductive success?
a) 4
b) 6
c) 9
d) 11

Accoring to Lamarck, if you lost your arm in an accident, how many full arms would your children have?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3!

Which of the following can undergo evolutionary change?
a) an individual organism
b) a pair of organisms
c) a population of organisms
d) all of these

_______ is the cause, and ______ is the effect.
a) natural selection, gene shuffling
b) natural selection, evolution
c) gene shuffling, mutation
d) homology, mutation

Which individual was an economist that concluded that more offspring are produced than survive?
a) Lamarck
b) Lyell
c) Darwin
d) Malthus

"The present is the key to the past" is the principle of:
a) Uniformitarianism
b) Reproductive Success
c) Natural Selection
d) None of these

Which of these best describes natural selection?
a) The strongest individuals survive
b) Those with the best traits have the fewest babies
c) Reproduction of the fittest
d) Individual organisms can choose to adapt or not to adapt

____ is a measurement of how well your genes are passed on to the next generation.
a) reproductive isolation
b) vestigial count
c) reproductive success
d) fitness

A change in allele frequencies over time is the definition of:
a) evolution
b) natural selection
c) homology
d) fitness

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