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What are the three R's of conservation?
a) Reduce, Reuse, Rebuild
b) Rework, Reuse, Reycle.
c) Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
d) Reduce, Rebuild, Recycle.

Which answer is not a way to protect habitats?
a) Reduce pollution.
b) Develop alternative energy sources.
c) Use pesticides to kill the insects.
d) Protect individual species.

What is a renewable resource?
a) A natural resource that can be replaced at the same rate in which the resource is used .
b) A natural resource that can be replaced at a slower rate than which the resourc
c) A natural resource that can never be replaced.
d) A natural resource that is never used.

What is the advantage of driving an electric car?
a) It can go faster.
b) It is easier to steer.
c) It causes less pollution.
d) It costs less than other cars.

What is the only substance that is naturally found on earth as a solid, liquid, an gas?
a) Oxygen
b) Carbon
c) Oil
d) Water

What happens to water as it freezes?
a) It combines with whatever is near it.
b) It expands.
c) It gets smaller
d) It does not change.

Which one of the answers is not a way to maintain biodiversity
a) protect individual species.
b) protect habitats.
c) Dump your trash on the side of a country road.
d) reduce, reuse, recycle

What is an important nutrient to have in the soil?
a) carbon.
b) carbon dioxide.
c) nitrogen.
d) Vitamin E.

How can we reduce our need for fossil fuels?
a) Burn more wood.
b) Develop alternative energy sources and use them.
c) Burn more gasoline
d) We can't reduce our need for fossil fuels. It's impossible.

How can people reduce pollution?
a) Burn lots of wood in your fireplace.
b) Burn all of the leaves that fall off of our trees.
c) Practice conservation.
d) Put our waste water in a river so it gets washed away.

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