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As it slows down, water drops eroded materials in a process called
a) deposition
b) weathering
c) erosion
d) formation

Fast-moving water in rivers or streams can
a) erode soil and small rocks from the banks
b) wash river and stream bottoms clean
c) prevent weathering of rocks on the banks
d) freeze to form glaciers

Weathered rock and soil are moved by the process of
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) deposition
d) formation

Water causes physical weathering when it
a) combines with air, wind, ice or living things.
b) breaks a rock into pieces by expanding when it freezes.
c) combines with weak acids to change what the rock is made of.
d) heats to a very high temperature within the Earth.

Mountains, volcanoes, and earthquakes may occur when one plate
a) pushes apart
b) erodes.
c) pushes against another plate.
d) breaks open

Which of these is caused by plate movements?
a) mountains, earthquakes and volcanoes
b) waves, tides and floods
c) thunder, wind and rain
d) fossils and rock layers.

Which of these statements of the earth's crust is TRUE?
a) It is flat on either side of the poles.
b) It is not quite solid.
c) It is tyoo hot on which to live.
d) It is a layer of hard rock. with water in some places.

The theory that says that the earth's surface is made up of about 20 moving plates is called
a) plate pressures
b) hypothesis
c) technical evidence.
d) plate tectonics

During the 1500's geographers who made the first accurate maps noticed that
a) there was more land than water.
b) information given to them by the explorers was false.
c) there were seven continents.
d) the continents seemd to fit together like a puzzle.

Water causes chemical weathering when it
a) mixes with carbon dioxide and dissolves limestone.
b) flows in a river that cuts a canyon through a rock
c) flows quickly down mountains
d) breaks large rocks into smaller rocks.

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