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What is the number and variety of organisms in a given area during a specific period of time?
a) exotic species
b) Biodiversity
c) population
d) biosphere

What is a habitat?
a) Where an organism lives.
b) An organism's niche.
c) An organism's mate.
d) An organism's offspring.

What is the preservation and wise use of natural resources?
a) pollution
b) conservation
c) respiration
d) investigation

What is an organism that makes a home for itself in a new place outside of its native home?
a) Exotic species
b) Power species
c) Major species
d) Minor species

The process of reusing or recovering useful material is known as_________.
a) trashing
b) synthesizing
c) respirating
d) recycling

What is biodegradable?
a) Something that never breaks down.
b) Something that can be broken down by living organisms.
c) Something that needs heat to break down.
d) Something that is burned.

What are alternative energy sources?
a) Energy that does not come from the sun.
b) Energy sources that are not fossil fuels.
c) Energy sources from the Middle East only.
d) Energy sources that are expensive.

Choose the group of alternative energy sources.
a) nuclear power, solar power, gasoline
b) wind power, solar power,nuclear power
c) wind power, solar power, oil
d) natural gas, wind energy, geothermal energy

How can pollution affect humans?
a) Pollution can cause better futures for humans.
b) Pollution can protect habitats.
c) Pollution can cause respiratory problems and cancer in humans.
d) Pollution does not affect humans.

What is a good use of compost?
a) Feed it to your pets.
b) Use it to fertilize your garden.
c) Mix it in with your salad for added nutrients.
d) Use it to preserve meat.

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