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PROJECTILES include those items that are shot forward such as a cannon shell, bullet, or rocket.
a) things put down
b) things shot forward
c) things hurt
d) things broken

A SLEUTH, such as Sherlock Holmes, can be very helpful in solving crimes.
a) senior citizen
b) man
c) detective
d) pilot

The girls LANGUIDLY put their jackets on as if they had no energy at all.
a) energetically
b) quickly
c) energy-less
d) actively

The mother was determined to prove her son's innocence; the father was RESOLUTE as well.
a) wavering
b) determined
c) undetermined
d) unsure

The UNSUBSTANTIAL story was as if she were telling a dream.
a) realistic
b) untrue
c) unreal
d) vivid

The diamond ring was RADIANTLY shining on her finger.
a) brightly
b) really
c) hardly
d) barely

We shopped at the EMPORIUM, which is as large as the shopping center, for shampoo.
a) amusement park
b) bathroom
c) large store
d) library

The SATURATED, dripping dog ran into the house after swimming in the lake.
a) wet
b) old
c) dirty
d) smelly

In the pirate story, there were good guys against the BUCCANEERS.
a) actors
b) pirates
c) teachers
d) helpers

The sun made the lake water SHIMMER.
a) dirty
b) dull
c) dark
d) sparkle and shine

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