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Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales?
a) Changes in uniform rental company
b) Price increases for a vendors’ utilities
c) Start-up costs
d) Stock prices increase

Who is the original person responsible for the selling of hotdogs and sodas at sporting events?
a) Harry Houdini
b) Harry Stevens
c) Coach Gettys
d) Pete Rose

Which would be considered a start-up cost related to the food and beverage industry?
a) Advertising budgets
b) A deep fryer for corn dogs
c) Employee insurance
d) Manager salaries

Cinema Grill in Atlanta, Georgia combines dinner and a movie. Cinema Grill is a:
a) Counter service
b) Full service restaurant.
c) Hospitality suite.
d) Specialty service.

Which is a component of an on-site merchandising plan?
a) Location of a vending station
b) Personal selling
c) Product
d) Risk management

Which is a component of an on-site merchandising plan?
a) advertising
b) demand
c) operations
d) place

The busiest times for selling merchandise at a concert is/are:
a) During arrival and departure.
b) During intermission
c) Prior to the show
d) Throughout the show.

Which color combination attracts the most attention from close-up?
a) black and white
b) black and yellow
c) purple and gold
d) red and white

The physical layout of an on-site merchandising plan is:
a) design
b) location
c) operations
d) promotion

Which would be considered a high-traffic area?
a) Behind the goal at a soccer game
b) Center field at a baseball game
c) Lawn seats at a concert
d) Restrooms at a Nascar race

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