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An advantage to concession sales is customer convenience. Which example illustrates this?
a) Spectators at a baseball game can eat dinner at the ballpark.
b) By opening a concession stand at the Neighborhood Park, extra jobs are created
c) The manager of the coliseum receives revenue from concession sales.
d) Spectators are happy with the selection of items offered at the concession stand.

Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales?
a) A change in the coaching staff
b) Severe weather damages the landscaping at the stadium
c) Team colors change from red & black to purple & orange
d) Team is experiencing a losing streak

The Kannapolis Intimidators stadium has rooms with a view of the event that have seating and food & beverage services with a full-service wait staff. These rooms are called:
a) Concessionaires.
b) Full-service restaurants
c) Specialty stores
d) Suites

Which organization includes owners and operators from colleges, universities, racetracks, and convention centers?
a) Napstar Assistance Conference
b) National Association of Concessionaires
c) National Accreditation Center
d) Nutritional Accounting Committee

Which would be a part of the operating expenses included in operating food and beverage services?
a) Hot dog wrappers
b) Ice machines
c) Licensing agreements
d) Salaries for managers

A room with a view of an event that has seating and food & beverage services with a full-service wait staff is a:
a) Concessionaire.
b) Full-service restaurant
c) Specialty store
d) Suite

What is the reason for developing an on-site merchandising plan?
a) To convince customers to make purchases
b) To introduce new products to customers
c) To maximize income for each event
d) To remind customers of the products available

The primary purpose of having merchandise sold “on-site” is to:
a) Decrease inventory prior to the season change.
b) Generate more sales revenue than stores can
c) Maximize income and exposure
d) Offer a greater variety of products

Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales at an event?
a) Association membership
b) Attendance
c) Food courts
d) Licenses

Which would affect revenue from food & beverage sales?
a) food contractors
b) licenses
c) patents
d) type of event

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