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What day did the protest start?
a) Febuary 29, 2010
b) January 15, 2011
c) April 10, 1965
d) January 25, 2011

Who was the president of Egypt?
a) Mohamed ElBaradei
b) Hosni Mubarak
c) Bobbie Milain
d) Jesus

What was one of the biggest causes of the Egyptian Revolution 2011?
a) The Successful revolution in Tunisia
b) Helping the old lady cross the street
c) Obama telling Mubarak to resign
d) Hillary hating on Obama

What Chant did the people yell when Mubarak did his annoucement on tv?
a) Out with that chump
b) Kick his sorry butt to the curb
c) Down with Mubarak
d) Set us free

What did President Hosni Mubarak annouce when he appeared on television?
a) He would not resign
b) beat up the police
c) No more jobs for them
d) All Egyptians must die

What did Mohamed ElBaradei return to Egypt to do?
a) Kill Mubarak
b) To lead the protest
c) To start a business
d) To give everyone money

One of the CAUSES of the Egyptian Revolution 2011
a) United States runnig out of money
b) Mubarak wanted to be a gangster
c) Gas Prices rising
d) Poverty

EFFECTS of the Egyptian Revolution 2011
a) The blocking of twitter in Egypt
b) All of the Above
c) Many deaths
d) The blocking of book

What day did Egypt shut down th internet?
a) Tuesday 1/25
b) Friday 2/4
c) Thursday 1/27
d) Monday 2/7

What day did Mubarak resigns as president and leave Cairo
a) Friday 2/11
b) Saturday 1/29
c) Tuesday 1/25
d) Wednesday 2/10

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