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Which cloud type looks like cotten balls?
a) cumulus
b) stratus
c) cirrus
d) alto

The weight of the air on Earth is called ____.
a) air pressure
b) convergence
c) Coriolis effect
d) divergence

What is the ultimate energy source for most wind? (Think about this one.)
a) Solar radiation
b) Earth's revolution
c) Earth's rotation
d) Tides

Which cloud type is best described as sheets or layers that cover much or all of the sky?
a) stratus
b) cirrus
c) alto
d) cumulus

Which clouds are often associated with thunder and lightning?
a) cumulonimbus
b) nimbostratus
c) altostratus
d) cirrostratus

Which of the following occurs when air is compressed?
a) Air molecules move faster and the temperature rises
b) Air temperature rises.
c) Air temperature cools.
d) Air molecules move faster.

Which force generates winds?
a) pressure differences
b) gravity
c) The Coriolis Effect
d) friction

Which of the following is an example of condensation nuclei?
a) all of these
b) ice particles
c) smoke
d) dust

Compared to clouds, fogs are ____.
a) at lower altitudes
b) colder
c) of a different composition
d) drier

Air that has reached its water-vapor capacity is said to be ____.
a) saturated
b) stable
c) dry
d) unstable

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