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The team member who should take initiative and be responsible for the success of the multimedia project is?
a) graphic artist
b) programmer
c) video specialist
d) All of the above

What is the function of an authoring tool in designing multimedia projects?
a) Framework for assembling text graphics video animation and sound into a single interactive project
b) Designing tool for storyboarding
c) Tool used mainly for the final marketing of a multimedia project
d) Tool used to edit graphics and animation

Media does not refer to
a) Audio
b) Graphics
c) Video
d) Platform

Computer memory used by software to temporarily store data is?
a) REM
b) RAM
c) ROM
d) CPU

Music on the Internet
a) Could be illegal to use in your multimedia project
b) Is copyright free because it is on the internet
c) Violates the Telecommunication Act of 1997
d) Is very hard to find

Which of the following is important to be successful in the field of multimedia?
a) Good written & oral communication skills
b) The ability to work with others in a team
c) The ability to work alone to complete tasks on time
d) All of the above

The standard frame rate per second for broadcast video is approximately
a) 30
b) 24
c) 12
d) 62

In multimedia development, in house (internal) testing is usually done during the
a) Alpha test
b) Market test
c) Prelim test
d) Beta test

A visual scene-by-scene plan of the multimedia project is a
a) Prototype
b) Contract
c) Storyboard
d) Product spec

What should the first step be to obtain help while using a software package?
a) F1 help menu
b) Google
c) Wikipedia
d) Your friend

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