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Which of the following is NOT a process that lifts air?
a) divergence
b) frontal wedging
c) orographic lifting
d) convergence

Which air mass is the source of much of the precipitation in the central and eastern United States?
a) Maritime tropical
b) Continental polar
c) Continental tropical
d) Maritime polar

The rain shadow effect is associated with ____.
a) mountains
b) rivers
c) latitude
d) oceans

Which two properties characterize an air mass?
a) temperature and moisture
b) moisture and pressure
c) temperature and pressure
d) temperature and location

On a weather map, which type of front is shown by a blue line with triangular points on one side?
a) cold
b) occluded
c) warm
d) stationary

High-pressure systems are usually associated with which of the following?
a) all of these
b) clear weather
c) decending air
d) relatively dry conditions

Along a front, which type of air is always forced upwards?
a) warmer, less dense air
b) the driest air
c) the wettest air
d) cooler, denser air

When an active cold front overtakes a warm front, ____.
a) an occluded front forms
b) cloud formation ceases
c) the fronts cancel each other out
d) a stationary front forms

The boundary that separates different air masses is called a/an ____.
a) front
b) storm
c) cyclone
d) anticyclone

Which statement best explains why global warming may lead to an increase in the number and intensity of hurricanes?
a) Ocean temperatures will increase.
b) Droughts will decrease.
c) Sea level will rise.
d) The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will increase.

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