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When should the “Save As” command be used?
a) When making a few changes to a document and wanting to save both the revised and the original docume
b) all of these answers
c) The “Save As” command should always be used when saving files
d) When saving the file to a new location

In which program type would keyframes be most commonly used?
a) Illustration
b) Word Processing
c) Photo manipulation
d) Animation

Interactive training that is delivered via the WWW is known as?
a) WBT
b) CBT
c) Closed Broadcast TV
d) Video Tape

Navigation buttons should:
a) Always be located in the same place in a project
b) Change on each screen to keep the user more interested
c) Not be used
d) Only be used on the main menu of a project

Which type of media is the most cost effective to deliver commercial interactive multimedia?
a) Video Tape
b) Zip Disks
c) Floppy Disk

Spelling and proofreading of all text should be done”
a) Only by the multimedia programmer
b) Only before marketing the product.
c) In all stages of design and testing
d) By professional editors

Which of the following is a career option for someone interested in multimedia?
a) Multimedia Developer
b) Systems Analyst
c) Network Administrator
d) Database Developer

Digital artists should keep record of their personal accomplishments in a:
a) Portfolio
b) Contest
c) Journal
d) Flash drive

Which of the following is an example of a sans serif typeface?
a) Calibri
b) Century
c) Brush Script STD
d) Times New Roman

Which is not a part of a multimedia production team?
a) Graphic Artist
b) Audience
c) Subject Matter Expert
d) Programmer

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