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What accurately describes biodiversity?
a) Different types of animals
b) Different types of plants
c) Different types of life
d) Different types of viruses

What is biodiversity used as a measure of?
a) habitat lost
b) health of the ecosystem
c) Number of amphibian species
d) Extinction rates

What is the #1 cause of biodiversity loss?
a) Burning of fossil fuels
b) water pollution
c) invasive species
d) habitat loss

Which accurately describes an invasive species?
a) a native species to that area
b) A non native species in that area
c) An organism that has many natural predators
d) An organism whose population is well under control

What do invasive species do when in a new area?
a) "take over" the area and edge out the native species
b) Die because they cannot survive
c) Get in balance with the existing food chains
d) Breed with existing species

Which is an example of an invasive species?
a) Cardinal
b) Trout
c) Mosquito
d) Zebra Mussel

Which explains why biodivserity is important to the ecosystem?
a) It prevents invasive species
b) It encourages low biodiversity so only a few animals have to split habitats
c) It allows for the collapse of multiple food webs
d) Biodiversity tells how healthy an ecosystem is, without the different organisms the food webs die!

What is NOT affected by acid rain?
a) Plants
b) Aquatic life
c) Buildings
d) Clouds

What does smog make it difficult to do?
a) Digest
b) Think
c) Breathe
d) Pump blood

Where was the cane toad an invasive species at? (this will not be on the test lol)
a) USA
b) Candada
c) Asia
d) Australia

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