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To attend a meeting is to
a) lead it
b) go to it
c) plan it
d) end it

Astounding new is
a) sad news
b) joyful news
c) very surprising news
d) information that one already knows

A modest home is
a) a large, beautiful one
b) one that is located outside the city
c) a temporary one
d) a simple one

A grace period is
a) about a week
b) extra time to get something done
c) a vacation
d) a period before a holiday

Paralysis means not being able to
a) speak
b) hear
c) see
d) move

Parallel stories are
a) fairytales
b) similar
c) unbelievable
d) boring

To impose on someone is to
a) take unfair advantage of that person
b) command that person to do something
c) argue with that person
d) chase that person

A piano recital is a
a) class
b) player
c) song
d) performance

John has an active imagination. His imagination is
a) normal
b) unusual
c) lively
d) creative

To attend to your homework is to
a) forget it at school
b) ask a question about it
c) pay attention to it
d) refuse to do it

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