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This type of government means Rule by the People.
a) Republic
b) Democracy
c) Totalitarianism
d) Monarchy

This is a person who comes to the United States without permission.
a) Legal Alien
b) Citizen
c) Illegal Alien
d) Immigrant

This is something citizens are required by law to do.
a) responsibility
b) inalienable rights
c) right
d) duty

In this type of government, citizens elect people to represent them.
a) republic
b) democracy
c) dictatorship
d) monarchy

E Pluribus Unum means
a) Out of Many, One
b) In God We Trust
c) Democracy Lives
d) Long live the king

A Government run by religion is known as
a) Democracy
b) Anarchy
c) Theocracy
d) Autocracy

An Absolute Monarch:
a) has unlimited power
b) has to answer to a Parliament
c) rules according to the Constitution
d) is not a real system of government

Which of the following is not a step in the Naturalization process?
a) live in the US for 5 years
b) take a test in your native language
c) take an oath of loyalty
d) undergo a background check

Which of the following is true concerning anarchy?
a) It is a government run by a monarch
b) anarchy cannot last forever because some group will take power
c) it means ruled by the people
d) it means ruled by the few

How do we know America is a Federalism?
a) Because we have national, state, and local levels of government
b) Because we have three branches of government
c) Because our president has to be born in the United States
d) Because we elect representatives to Congress

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