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If you want to know the genotype of the pea plant that has purple flowers which would you perform?
a) Dihybrid Cross
b) Genetic Linkage
c) Punnett Squares
d) Test Cross

How many alleles for a sex linked (x linked) gene does a male carry?
a) four
b) one
c) none
d) two

The work of several scientists helped to show that the hereditary material is
a) DNA
b) Proteins
c) Ribosomes
d) Codons

Which of the following occurs first during the process of transcription
a) Introns are removed and exons are joined together
b) Two DNA strands start to separate
c) DNA polymerases join together complementary base pairs
d) tRNA translates codons

Stretches of noncoding nucleotides found in RNA transcripts that interrupt coding sequences are called?
a) Exons
b) Codons
c) Anticodons
d) Introns

Which of the following does not directly participate in translation
a) Ribosomes
b) tRNA
c) mRNA
d) DNA

Explain why the DNA’s structure is called “the double helix”
a) Two strands of nucleotides wind around each other
b) There are more than two
c) DNA has two double helixes
d) Because three wasn't enough to make a helix

What is the difference between the structure of DNA and RNA
a) RNA is tilted while DNA is in a straight line
b) RNA typically forms a single strand, rather than a double helix.
c) RNA is a purple and DNA is blue
d) DNA is rough while RNA is smooth

What does DNA stand for?
a) Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid
b) Did Not Attend
c) Disconnected Neutron Acid
d) Deoxygen Neutral Acids

Stretches of non coding nucleotides found in RNA transcripts that interrupt coding swquences are called
a) Exons
b) Codons
c) Anti-codons
d) Introns

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