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What is reproduction?
a) An organism senses change.
b) An organism makes a nest or a place to live.
c) An organism makes other organisms similar to itself.
d) An organism communicates with others.

What is one thing all living things do.
a) Grow and develop.
b) They shrink.
c) they run.
d) they sing science songs.

What is a producer?
a) An organism that communicates.
b) Another name for a cell.
c) An organism that makes its own food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide.
d) a type of bird.

What is carrying capacity?
a) How much weight an anuimal can lift.
b) The largest population an environment can support.
c) The weight of an organisms body.
d) The speed that an organism can run while carrying its prey.

A wolf eats a rabbit. Who is the predator?
a) The rabbit
b) both the wolf and the rabbit.
c) The wolf
d) Neither the wolf or the rabbit.

What type of bacteria breaks down organic matter and returns it to the environmnt as carbon dioxide and water?
a) plankton
b) decomposing bacteria
c) nitrogn fixing bacteria
d) algae

Why do living things need nitrogen?
a) to breathe
b) to move
c) to make proteins and DNA
d) to get energy

How do organisms get nitrogen?
a) by breathing air
b) by exercising
c) by eating plants or animals that eat plants.
d) by drinking water

How does nitrogen fixation ocurr?
a) by fungi in the soil
b) by worms in the soil
c) by sunlight
d) By nitrogen fixing bacteria on the roots of certain plants

How does nitrogrn fixation occurr?
a) sunlight
b) by trees
c) lightning
d) by fungi

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