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Which is a physical characteristic of a questionnaire?
a) Ambiguous
b) Easy to understand
c) Use of bullets
d) Vague.

Dr. Chisholm is surveying patients. The questions should be worded using:
a) Catch phrases
b) Layman’s terms
c) Medical terminology
d) Technical jargon

A discussion led by a moderator is a method of obtaining feedback known as a:
a) Focus group
b) Panel.
c) Personal observation.
d) Seminar

Research is important because
a) Customer trends change
b) Employees are not familiar with customer needs.
c) Data is hard to find.
d) Products stay the same

What is the next step after analyzing and interpreting results of a survey?
a) Conducting more research
b) Determining the sample
c) Implementing solutions
d) Recommending solutions

“Tell me about your company” is an example of what type of question:
a) Closed-ended
b) Open-ended
c) Ordered
d) Sequenced

“Who owns the Carolina Panthers?” This is an example of which type of question:
a) Ambiguous.
b) Closed-ended.
c) Open-ended
d) Sequenced.

How many questions per statement should be used when designing a questionnaire?
a) 1
b) 3
c) 2
d) unlimited

A group of people representing the population is known as the:
a) example
b) mass
c) sample
d) target

Watching consumers at an event is a method for obtaining feedback by:
a) Focus groups
b) Panel discussions
c) Personal observations
d) Questionnaires

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