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Which of the following is the best explanation as to how the moon formed?
a) A massive star exploded
b) The big bang
c) A body the size of Mars collided with Earth
d) Nebular hypothesis

Which of the following is NOT one of the inner planets?
a) Mercury
b) Neptune
c) Mars
d) Venus

A specific pattern of stars
a) solar system
b) galaxy
d) constellation

The hottest stars are which color?
a) Red
b) Yellow
c) Blue
d) Orange

The hottest planet in the solar system.
a) Mercury
b) Mars
c) Saturn
d) Venus

Stars spend 90% of their lives as main-sequence stars.
a) True
b) False

A star's brightness as it appears from Earth is called its __________________ magnitude.
a) absolutue
b) apparent
c) relative
d) local

Explosive outbursts of energy from the sun's surface
a) sun spots
b) solar flares
c) photosphere
d) prominences

This planet is unusual in that it rotates on its side.
a) Neptune
b) Jupiter
c) Uranus
d) Mars

Stars produce energy through the process of
a) nuclear fission
b) radiation
c) nuclear fusion
d) reflection

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