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What is a thick column of nerve tissue called?
a) cerebrum
b) spinal cord
c) brain stem
d) cerebellum

Which gland is located closest to the human brains of _____ in your eyes.
a) thyroid
b) pituitary
c) pinoid
d) ovaries

When might your body release adrenaline?
a) When you are waking up
b) When you are being chased by a large dog
c) When there isn't enough calcium in your blood
d) When you've had too much to eat

Type I diabetes is related to an imbalance in which hormone
a) insulin
b) adreanline
c) melatonin
d) estrogen

Where are motor neurons located?
a) eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin
b) brain and spinal cord
c) muscles
d) dendrites

Which of the following is not a function of the nervous system?
a) Maintaining homeostasis
b) Receiving information
c) Removing information
d) Responding to information

Where are interneurons located?
a) brain and spinal cord
b) eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin
c) muscles
d) axons

Where are sensory neurons located?
a) brain and spinal cord
b) eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin
c) muscles
d) hair

A ________ happens when spinal cord responds to stimuli.
a) reflex
b) response
c) interneuron
d) synapse

A _________ is a bruise to the brain.
a) conclusion
b) occlusion
c) percussion
d) concussion

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