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Which of the following terms describes the luster of most metallic objects?
a) Pearly
b) Milky
c) Dull
d) Shiny

What is the name of the process of turning a solid into a liquid?
a) Boiling
b) Condensating
c) Melting
d) Freezing

Which state of matter has no definite shape, but has a definite volume?
a) Solid
b) Liquid
c) Gas
d) Plasma

Two identically shaped blocks of wood are floating on water. Block A is slightly more out of the water than Block B. Which has a greater density?
a) Block A
b) Block B
c) Neither. Floating objects don't have density
d) Both. They have the same density.

Which of the following physical characteristics is not measurable?
a) Density
b) Color
c) Shape
d) Mass

What is the SI unit for matter?
a) gram
b) megagram
c) milligram
d) kilogram

Which of these should you not do if you are trying to identify an unknown substance?
a) Barely touch it with your finger and then taste your finger.
b) Listen for any sounds it might be making.
c) Observe the color of the object.
d) Waft some the vapors towards your nose.

A blue bottle of laundry detergent is sitting on a shelf. We are noticing...
a) ...a physical change.
b) ...a chemical change.
c) ...a physical property.
d) ...a chemical property.

Which is usually the first physical property noticed about an object?
a) Mass
b) Color
c) Boiling Point
d) Smell

What takes up space and has mass?
a) Matter
b) Properties
c) A black hole
d) Weight

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