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Why would an athlete’s agent not want contract disputes publicized in the media?
a) It affects the company’s stand on issues
b) It could affect the value and image of the athlete
c) It provides the opportunity for added benefits and compensation
d) It raises the profit of the team

In order for RCA to be successful, they must have:
a) A minimum salary with extended contracts
b) Contract disputes between artists and management.
c) In-house accountants
d) Training and professional development opportunities for staff.

How do agents receive compensation?
a) They are paid a salary as determined by collective bargaining agreements.
b) They are paid a salary by the team
c) They are paid a percentage of the organization’s earnings
d) They are paid a percentage of their client’s earnings.

Air Jordan shoes, clothing and accessories are sold in local retail stores. This is an example of Michael Jordan making himself a:
a) Brand
b) Connotation
c) Contract
d) Trademark

What is paid by teams that exceed the salary caps in the NBA and is split between less profitable teams?
a) Contract fee
b) Insurance
c) Luxury tax
d) Structuring fee

If the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team exceeds the salary cap, they must pay a:
a) Bidding fee
b) Free agency fee.
c) Income tax
d) Luxury tax.

Handlers are used to deal with athletes or entertainers who are:
a) Difficult
b) Laid back
c) Conservative
d) Not under contract

Who represents athletes and entertainers in negotiations?
a) Agent
b) Board of Directors
c) Chief Executive Officer
d) Consumers

Who is hired to deal with difficult athletes or entertainers?
a) Handlers
b) Lawyers
c) Police
d) Security Guards

What limits the amount a team may spend on contracts?
a) Collective bargaining
b) Company earnings
c) Free agency
d) Salary caps

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