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Who organized the American Colonization Society?
a) Marcus Garvey
b) Harriet Beecher Stowe
c) Lyman Beecher
d) Stephen Douglas

Who created the American Anti-Slavery Society?
a) Marcus Garvey
b) Harriet Tubman
c) William Lloyd Garrison
d) Dred Scott

What term refers to the end of slavery slowly over a period of time?
a) abolition
b) gradualism
c) sectionalism
d) civil disobedobediance

What was the purpose of The Liberator?
a) It encouraged people to runaway from slavery
b) It encouraged people to return to Africa
c) It encouraged people to keep fighting for freedom
d) It encouraged people to move west to live in western states

What was the name of the nation in Africa that was created by Marcus Garvey?
a) Liberty
b) South Africa
c) Ethiopia
d) Liberia

What was the network created to help slaves escape North?
a) Transcontinental Railroad
b) American Colonization Society
c) American Temperance Society
d) Underground Railroad

What statement is not true about the Fugitive Slave Act?
a) Northerners were required to return escaped slaves to the South
b) People of color were required to
c) Many Northerners supported the Fugitive Slave Law until they read Uncle Tom's Cabin
d) Northerners choose to disobey the law immediately after the law was passed

Which statement was not a problem with the Back to Africa Movement?
a) cost too much
b) did not want to leave the US
c) no opportunities in Africa
d) loved life in America

What newsletter did Frederick Douglass publish?
a) The Liberator
b) The Anti-Slavery
c) The North Star
d) The End

What was considered by historians to be one of the causes of the Civil War?
a) Fugitive Slave Act
b) Compromise of 1850
c) Uncle Tom
d) The Liberator

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